Render it REAL is a creative agency that specialises in visualising and crafting branded experiences for unbuilt designs.

From detailed furniture and architectural designs, to conceptual projects of urban scale, our mission is to make the world understand your idea regardless of scale or complexity.

We aim to provide a visualization service that goes beyond generic CGI, for this purpose we established 3 pillars:


We do not subdue anyone to a unique style, we draw feedback from collaborating with our clients to create unique languages for each of their projects.


For us, each great project is supported by a great brand, and during each phase of production we make sure everything we do adds sense to it.


Beyond the descriptive beauty of images, the essence of what we do lies in our attempt to transmit the unique experience inherent to each design.


We like to think we’ve put together something pretty special – a versatile group of architects with backgrounds in other major disciplines who share their commitment to good work and communication.
Maria - Render it REAL

Enhancing ideas with natural beauty

Maria is our expert in interior design and furniture, she has worked and travelled around the world. Somewhere in between South America and Asia her passion for design drove her back to mother Russia to train in visualisation and finally to Italy where she finished architecture. She is an avid environmentalist and healthy lifestyle lover, you can usually find her watering the plants.

Maria Serova
Architect and Visualiser
David - Render it REAL

Exposing ideas with graphic strategy

David grew up in the tropics, he ditched the hope of representing his country in the world cyber games to be educated as an architect, playing with his band or with 3D modelling in between classes, and attending marketing courses at night. Eventually, his passion for design and food led him to Italy where he is now immerse in the world of CGI. When not in the gym, you can usually find him in the kitchen grabbing a cookie or two.

David Diaz
Architect and Marketeer
Ignacio - Render it REAL

Shaping ideas with visual power

Originally trained as a CPA, this brought him from South America to Italy where he explored back his roots, in the middle of feeding his body with pasta, he found out accounting was not feeding his soul and decided to train as an architect. He has a brilliant eye for proportion and composition, and a love for okonomiyaki and perfectionism which he acquired in Japan. You can usually find him counting things.

Ignacio Uribe
Architect and Illustrator

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