What is the cost of visualization?


We create exceptional images of unrealized projects. It can be CGI, Photomontage, Realistic or 3D Rendering, everyone, from the people in the industry to our clients use different sets of names, we prefer keeping things simple and just call it Visualization.

It doesn’t matter how great your visual material is, if you can’t achieve what was expected from it, this is why we offer the complimentary service of coordinating your idea’s visual production with its brand strategy, meaning all graphics we make are also ready for use in things such as brochures or websites.



We talk about the services you need and decide about the specific style, timing and pricing by learning the most we can about the project and the audience. This way we learn what you want to achieve and what we need to deliver.


Model – textures – lights – action, the work is set on march. Regardless of how we produce the images (Cross compatibility allows us to be flexible with softwares) you will have plenty of opportunity to review and comment our work.


After agreeing about cameras we pass to the rendering process, we consider our images to be collaborations so you will also get chances to check the progress even during post-processing work after which the images are delivered.


To make sure your initial investment in great quality images pays off, we consider it our duty to support you communicating your ideas, and we will give you suggestions and aid in repurposing them for brochures, websites etc.


We Are Open

We are a young agency who considers its work a collaboration, you will always get to participate in the final results.

We Are Compatible

We have trained in different platforms so you are free to use the software of your choice, we will just adjust to your preferences.

We Are There

We prefer meeting you face to face, this is why we have collaborators spread in many places, just contact us to find out.

You Can Market

Among the benefits of visualization is that it enables you to market your ideas before the project or prototype is ready.

You Can Comunicate

The best solution for architects, planners, developers or designers to market and communicate their projects.

You Can Test

Examinate how your idea performs in the field: materials, finishes, furniture and lighting can all be tested and recombined.


This is the most common question yet the most difficult to answer. There is no fixed price for any kind of project as there are too many variables that affect the cost.


1. The 3D Model

It’s always helpful to see the drawings to give an accurate quote. This way we can better understand the scale and complexity of the project to estimate the time it will take to create a 3d scene from which images are generated. Generally the most time-consuming part of image production is the development of a 3d textured model, so this stage takes up a high percentage of the final cost.

2. The style

A photomontage will generally cost less than a detailed computer generated view, while an artistic illustration would be comparable in price to a photorealistic CGI. We prefer to discuss the visualization style with our clients before providing a quote.

3. The Number of Views

Before providing our clients with a precise cost per image we would like to know how many views you need. Once the model is done generating the views is a relatively fast process, so multiple images of the same scene will cost less than just a single image. On the other hand, if only a limited amount of specific views is needed than we could model and detail only a particular part of a building or a room. This will result in less time dedicated to modelling and thus in lower cost of images.


1. Send Us Detailed CAD Drawings

Sending us accurate and finalized drawings that have been worked out in layers in any of CAD software will certainly reduce the time to construct a 3d model. Working from sketches or redrawing a plan can increase time to understand and model the project. If you want to save money is best to finalize the design and send us detailed drawings of a project.

2. Send us a 3d model

We are generally flexible with software, so if you wish to reduce the cost send us your SketchUp, Archicad or Revit model, which should plug into our workflow and minimize the amount of modelling work we have to do. Although it is easier to work with a ready made model and can save us time and consequently save you money, it is likely we will still have to add some detail and do a lot of work on the materials, so it is best to let us take a look at your model befor we can give you a final quote.

3. Send us all the references

A reference might be a render done in the style you like, an image of an already existing interior or a building, a selection of materials, furniture or fixtures, a photo of the area or a name of a particular plant or model you need. The more information we have at the start the faster we can work and this can also help you bring the costs down.

4. Give us more time

An urgent deadline might require us to work in odd hours or use additional resources which adds to the cost. Giving us sufficient time will not only save money but also give you more opportunities for commenting on our progress and perfecting the resemblance of our interpretation to your original design.

So what is the cost?

Summing up, it would be misleading to provide a fixed cost per image, because each project is different and needs a personal approach and there are too many variables to even provide a range of costs.

Feel free to contact us and provide us detailed description of your requirements. We guarantee we will not disclose any information regarding your project to third parties.

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